We are


— prefix 1. indicating reversal: disconnect ; disembark 2. indicating negation, lack, or deprivation: dissimilar ; distrust ; disgrace 3. indicating removal or release: disembowel ; disburden 4. expressing intensive force: dissever 


noun \ˈfȯrm\ 1. A type or kind of something 2. one of several or many different ways in which something is seen, experienced, or produced 3. the shape of something 


A different way of doing things

and we are a project lab

This means that we build products and companies that fulfill our vision of how thing should be.

We believe in a future that is more transparent, human centered and sustainable through technology and design.

Our portfolio

These are the products and companies we are working on



CondoVive is a condominium management software for real state managers and condominiums. Our product works under a SaaS model (Software as a Service) and makes accounting, communication, private website and invoice management a breeze for administrators and homeowners alike.



Inimake builds tools and applications to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. Our first product (currently in prototype phase) is an aesthetic, and functional desk 3D printer. 

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Lopez Cotilla 1794 – 103
Col. Lafayette
Guadalajara, Jalisco

 (+52) 33 9627 8449

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